July 2014


It was over a year ago when we began planning for our mosaic project. We searched to find a creative way to honor and connect our members to the gallery and each other, and with a true appreciation for the historic mosaic located on the 2nd floor, we set out to create our own unique mosaic. For over a week in June we found ourselves working side by side with some amazing people to helping us add to the beauty of our surroundings here.   People of all ages and backgrounds helped to create our mosaic. Some were board members, some family members and others who happened upon us creating the mosaic and wanted to help. Smashing tiles, mortaring, and grouting, building our “golden thread” which became a creative backdrop for some incredible conversations and for us to help fulfill our mission and make even more connections.

The most meaningful connection was with the artist Robert Markey. A multi-medium artist, Robert travels the world creating mosaics with children in their communities. He meets children often living in poverty and with many struggles. While working together on the mosaic the stories he told us about the children he met all over the world were so moving. He explained to us about the deep meaning he found in his work; reflecting on how taking broken pieces of tile and creating something beautiful is a metaphor for the lives of the children he works with. “The children I work with often have broken lives, and now they have proof that something broken can be beautiful”

We were grateful for this experience, for those who took time out of their lives to help us, and now for a tangible reminder that out of something broken, something beautiful can be created. neil wilson tile

finished wall

          April 2014Young artists Sofia, a 9 year old artists and art lover, makes every one of our art exhibits. With her mom she quietly walks from piece to piece, taking in the visual beauty and the written words of the artist statement. She stops only occasionally to take a piece of some marzipan at our reception table. After giving each piece of art the respect it deserves, she determiners her favorite and every time it is never what you would expect a young girl to prefer.  Sophia’s wisdom, far beyond a typical child of her age, shines through at each exhibit. For VOYAGE she showed up at our opening with her own artistic interpretation of the theme.  Perhaps you would guess a more concrete image of voyage would come to her mind, a suitcase, a trip to Disney. However Sofia represented VOYAGE through the voyage of life, and maybe you are thinking from birth to death, but instead she went even deeper and artistically interpreted the choices we make on each of our own unique voyages. Through pen and ink she took us through a beautiful path, showing what life is like through the decisions we make. Across the path are words and options: You tell a lie and keep it to you’re yourself and are lonely, or you tell the lie, admit it and are forgiven. You have an option to take a risk, but choose not to, you stayed safe but did not learn anything. You choose to take that risk and were open to something new- In the end you complete the life voyage and enter in to the valley love… We what we do at the Golden Thread is to connect and inspire, and sometimes our mission comes alive in unexpected and beautiful ways. Thank you Sofia