girl 18 gigglingIt’s a world of “selfies,” where with just once click someone can take a self-portrait and share it the world, with no thoughts of self-reflection or grasping who you truly are.

But what if you took over three weeks to create your “selfie” through art? To truly have the time to study yourself inside and out? That is what a group of Grace Academy girls did this spring. A photo was taken, studied, and then from that photo their self-portrait was created.

It wasn’t easy… it began with lessons on color, contrast, and values. The girls worked especially hard to get the eyes just right. Then they ripped paper up in small pieces, dark and light, finally coming together to show the world who they are through their art.

There was a reception at our gallery where the work was hung on the wall and shown the respect it deserves. And perhaps more importantly, through this experience a group of young girls learned about the power of expressing who they are through art, and connecting themselves to the larger world around them in a way a quick selfie can never do.