Dear Members & Friends,
We are announcing a change of status for our gallery.
It is with thoughtful consideration that we have decided to close our gallery doors at Holy Family Retreat Center as we can no longer financial support its mission here.  We have been looking for alternative space in the Hartford area but we have not yet found a new home.
This however, does not mean we are ending The Golden Thread Gallery’s mission of connecting the Human spirit through the arts. We have decided that we will redefine our mission to include a “gallery without walls” so to speak, and continue our presence in the art community in new and innovative ways by maintaining our 501c3 status, our website, and our social media platform sites.  We are looking forward to a new chapter in the life of The Golden Thread.
Although we are saddened to leave, we take comfort and pride in the fact that we are leaving the gallery space better than we found it.  We turned it from a dark, outdated, under-used area into a bright, polished, professional exhibit and function space.   It has been a beautiful, mixed use space that not only has served the artists and art community, but also has served the various groups of people from the other organizations in our building that have been able to enjoy it as well.  We have had the privilege to exhibit work from artists from all over the country/world. We are grateful to Holy Family for this opportunity.  We have generous and supportive members who we have been honored to serve.
We thank you all for your continued support and patience with us as we venture into our new phase of The Golden Thread!
Kate and Tricia
“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end
may also be the beginning.”
Ivy Baker Priest


Please contact us if you have question or concerns at

Thank you