English version of Betsy card

My sister Betsy and I are traveling through Norway and France and then she is off to Ireland with other family members immediately afterwards. We are spending the majority of our time in Conques, a little midieval village in France. We are celebrating Betsy’s 50 birthday! She is a very special person; a favorite aunt to my kids and all the nieces and nephews.  She tells a story like no other; her sense of humor makes us laugh ’til our stomaches hurt and impresses us with her exceptional wit.  Most importantly though, she steps up to help us all in ways we can never repay, with a smile on her face.  Her compassion is unparalleled.  Anyway…you get the idea, we like her!! As I am preparing for our adventure, I was thinking how lucky I am to have her as my traveling companion; and as I continued along that line of thinking for a while I realized how it’s going to be pretty cool “sharing” Betsy with all the people and places we travel to this summer.  Whether they know it or not, there is a very special “light” coming their way. …   Then I thought,  “why not have some fun along the way?” So I made and printed out 50 small “Betsy” cards, (yup, one for every year of her life!) which quotes R. Baden-Powell, reminding us to leave the world better than we found it. Well, that is definitely what I/we will be doing this summer by sharing Betsy with many new people and places, as the world is definitely a better place with her in it.  I have 25 of these card which I will place in Norway and France and I have given 25 to the rest of the family who will be traveling with Betsy in Ireland.  Our plan is to leave these cards along our/her path and various interesting places, printed in the three local languages.  And, to make it interesting, I’m asking people who find them to “Pay It Forward”, by including a call to action for them to join the inspiring “golden thread” of which Betsy is a part, and to share with us how THEY tried to make the world a better place after finding the card. Fingers crossed someone will find them, play along with us so we can sneak a glimpse into the the everyday ordinary (yet extraordinary) kindnesses that take place around the world.   It’ll be fun to know where people find them and we’d love to hear the stories of of how they chose to make the world a better place, as we welcome them to The Golden Thread!