Pivotal Hartford

Pivotal Hartford


A selection of 21 images from Pivotal Hartford exhibit are on display at The Hartford.  (Accessible to The Hartford Employees and their guests).  A larger selection of the exhibit will also be on display at The Golden Thread Gallery from June 29 – August 18.

On display at The Golden Thread Gallery:  

  • Abdul-Rahmaan I. Muhammad, Ice Cream for a Dream
  • Anthony Cymerys, Joe the Barber, Hair Cuts for a Hug
  • Arien Wilkerson, Tnmot Aztro Artistic Director
  • Anthony & Leticia Blanco, Hartford Boxing Center
  • Brandon Coulete, Breakdancing Shakespeare
  • Chris and Jackie Allen-Doucot, Catholic Worker
  • Cheryl Smith, Artists Collective
  • Chion Wolf, NPR
  • Community Solutions
  • Daniel Salazar Jr, Guitar Under The Stars
  • Dr Curtis Robinson, Center For Health Equity
  • Eric Ben Kiki, EBK Gallery
  • Fr. Charles Jacobs, Priest at Holy Family Church
  • Hartford Artists group shot
  • ImamSamiAbdul Aziz&Vjosa Qerimi, Common Ground, Islamic Consulting
  • Jaleith Gary, Urban Aliance
  • Jamil Ragland, The Radius Project
  • Jason Barco, Fire Fighter
  • Jimmy Barrett, Hartford Police
  • Joanne Berger Sweeney, President of Trinity College
  • Joey Battaglia, aka Joey Batts, Hip Hop for Homless, Teacher
  • Josh Michtom, The Hartford Hot Several Brass Band
  • Khaiim the RapOet, Rapper/Poet
  • Kristina Newman Scott, CT Director of Culture
  • Lynn Ferrari, Historian
  • Matt Conway, RiseUp Hartford
  • Meg Taylor, Capitol Squash
  • Mike Freimuth, Capital Region Development Authority
  • Nick Cinea, Humans of Hartford
  • Patricia Kelly, Ebony Horsewoman
  • Rich Hollant, CO:LAB
  • Rory Gale, Hartford Prints
  • Shana Schlossberg, Innovate Hartford
  • Tang Sauce, Rapper, Musician
  • Terry Starks, Hartford Proud Drum and Dance Corp
  • Uyen Mai, Sarah’s Coffee House
  • Yanil Terón & Tony Cherolis, BiCi Co


On display at The Hartford:

  • Thomas Loughman – Wadsworth Atheneum
  • Rex Fowler- Hartford Community Loan Fund
  • Dave Jorgensen, Of cer Luis Raimundi, Jonathan Esmail – PAL
  • Mike Stotts – Hartford Stage
  • Julia Rosenblatt – Hartbeat Ensemble (through work with AHNA)
  • Katherine Kane – Stowe Center
  • Rob Ruggerio – Theaterworks
  • Kate Emery – reSET
  • Richard and Doris Sugarman – CT Forum
  • Mayor Luke Bronin and Sara Bronin
  • Iran Nazario – COMPASS Peacebuilders
  • Choir of Asylum Hill Congregational Church (through work with AHNA)
  • Reverend Dr. Shelley Best
  • Karraine Moody – Habitat for Humanity
  • Glenn Winfree – Covenant Prep
  • Matt Fitzsimons – Grace Academy
  • Ronna Reynolds & Yolande Spears – Bushnell
  • Jackie Gorsky Mandyck – iQuilt
  • Rabbi Donna Berman and team – Charter Oak Cultural Center
  • Ron Pitz and team – KNOX
  • Paul Alfonso – Veterans Day Parade

April 27 – May 25, 2017

The Bushnell

Photography by Ruedi Hofmann

Opening Event Thursday, April 27

Gallery Hours

Tuesday afternoons from 10:00 – 2:00 pm

May 2, May 9, May 16 & May 23


The Golden Thread and photographer Ruedi Hofmann created an innovative and meaningful community art project titled “Pivotal Hartford: Faces of Change.” This multi-media project includes photography, film, and spoken word, combined in an exciting way that has yet to be seen in our region, creating an outstanding artistic experience. Pivotal Hartford celebrates a diverse collection of people that make an effort to create a strong and vibrant Hartford. Pivotal Hartford began pre-production in March of 2016 with an opening in April 2017. The opening will be held at The Bushnell in Hartford, with the ultimate goal of rotating the exhibit to new sites throughout Hartford.

The Golden Thread was established in 2012 with the mission of connecting the human spirit through the arts. In 2014, The Golden Thread expanded their work to create meaningful public art projects that improve the quality of community life, encourage neighborhood engagement, and better define place-based identity and culture. The Golden Thread has completed three successful community art projects in Hartford. Through this work they provide many opportunities for a broad and inclusive group of people to experience and engage with art in the community.
Pivotal Hartford, by focusing on what is good in our community, will build a strong sense of community identity and pride and bring people together who might not otherwise come into contact with each other. An additional goal for this project will include furthering the conversation on the dynamics of community and to inspire those who visit the exhibit to help make Hartford safer, stronger, and more vibrant. Through Pivotal Hartford, The Golden Thread and Ruedi Hofmann hope to create a shared artistic experience that will become a powerful uniting force for the City of Hartford.




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